Green Light for Business Conference 2010

Organized from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 February 2010 at Università Bocconi in Milan, the conference was one of the most important moment of our Association, where international institutions, business executives, young professionals, academics, politicians, environmental associations, media, experts, together with over 300 Italian and international students, joined an exceptional moment of confrontation.
The conference has pioneered Italian student involvement by applying a multiple-perspective analysis to find concrete solutions for long term sustainable growth in the European business sector. In fact, sustainability was approched on three macro levels: society, business and personal. Each level plays a fundamental part in building a prosperous future. 

Important data:
  • number of partecipants: 308
  • number of univeristies represented: 27
  • nationalities: 40

The conference was organized as following:

----Monday: society
9:00 Welcome
Thomas Baade-Mathiesen President & Founder - Green Light for Business
Bruno Pavesi Chief Executive - Università Bocconi
Mauro Cutrufo Senator - The Italian Republic, Vice Mayor – Rome
09:30 Al Gore´s - The Climate Project
Mario Alverà President – The Climate Project, Italy
10:15 State of The Environment
Diana Rizzolio GEN Coordinator - United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

11:30 Politics for the Environment
Kenneth Keller Director John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Bologna
Specific Countries’ Approach:
Carol Z. Perez, Consul General of the United States, Milan
Carlo Corazza Head – The Representation of the European Commission in Milan
Richard Scarborough Nygaard Second Secretary – Royal Norwegian Embassy, Rome

14:30 A View from the Developing World
Raffaello Cervigni Lead Environmental Economist Africa – The World Bank Economics of the Environment
Francesco Bosello Professor University Statale of Milan - Affiliate scientist at the Euromediterranean Centre for Climate Change (CMCC)

16:30 Business: Sustainability Strategies
Renato Orsato Professor INSEAD – Social Innovation Centre - Sustainability

----Tuesday: Business
9:00 Business Overview
Stefano Pogutz Director - Bocconi Specialized Master on Environmental Economics
and Management
Danilo Troncarelli Senior Manager – Accenture Management Consulting
10:00 Water Supply Management
Carlo C Galli Technical & Strategic Advisor on Water Resources, Head Office - Nestlé

11:30 The conference was divided in 3 parallel sessions for the whole afternoon
Cap and Trade
Patrick Birley CEO - European Climate Exchange
A Bank Built on Ethics
Mario Crosta General Manager - Banca Etica 
CSR Rating
Matteo Bartolomeo Head of CSR Audit Italy - Vigeo
Private Equity for Business & Environment
Nino Tronchetti Provera CEO & Founding Partner – Ambienta SGR
Sustainability in an Investment Framework
Anthony Ling CIO - Goldman Sachs

Introduction to Renewable Energies & Wind
Bjørn Holsen Vice President - Statkraft 
The ItalianPerspective & Solar
Nicolò Dubini Founder - Harebell
Super Grids & Smart Grids
Clara Poletti Director – IEFE, Università Bocconi
Emanuele Borgonovo Professor – Bocconi
Fmr President American Nuclear Society – MIT Fmr 
Oil & Gas
Robert M Grant ENI Chair of Strategic Management - Università Bocconi

Competitive Advantage:
Sustainable Energy & Brand: A Case Study
Eugenio Ferro Energy Sector Director Europe & Africa – MWH
Stefano Diso Purchasing Group Manager, EMEA Energy – Procter & Gamble
Eco Drive
Edoardo Gamberini Fleet Communications Manager – Fiat Group Automobiles
Gustavo Pinto Teixeria Fleet Marketing Manager – Fiat Group Automobiles 
A Corporate Turnover
Antonio Tencati Professor – Bocconi
George Jaksch Senior Director Corporate Responsibility & Public Affairs - Chiquita Brands International
Green ICT
Pietro Guindani President – Vodafone Italy
Alberto Degradi Green Ambassador - Cisco Systems

17:00 Ecoflation
Cosma Panzacchi Engagement Manager - McKinsey & Company
Frank Sportolari Country Manager - UPS

----Wednesday: Personel
9:00 Cradle to Cradle
Massimo Buscemi Councillor for the Regional Office of Public Utility
Networks and Services and Sustainable Development – Lombardy Region
Stef Kranendijk CEO - DESSO

10.30 The conference was divided in 3 parallel sessions 
Urban Development
Edoardo Croci
Research Director – IEFE,
Università Bocconi
Alberto Bernstein Head of Environmental
Engineering Dpt - Consorzio
Venezia Nuova
Mario Zoccatelli
President – Green Building
Council Italia                          
Sustainable Architecture
Benno Albrecht Director – Master of Sustainable
Architecture Iuav University of Venice
Andreas Eggertsen
Architect - Snøhetta
Micro Algae: More than you imagine
Matteo Villa President & CEO - Microlife
European Inventor of the Year
Catia Bastioli
CEO Novamont
President Kyoto Club
Capturing carbon: smart forest management
Federico Magnani –
Prof Dpt of Tree Production
University of Bologna
NGOs and Business
Sergio Andreis
Director Kyoto Club
Young entrepreneurs
Simone Crolla
Managing Director –
American Chamber of
Carlo Soresina Co Founder & Entrepreneur - Skipso
Joseph Tetteh
Managing Director – Green
Waves International
Green entrepreneurship
in a large organisation
14.40 Career Seminar
Green Jobs: Evolution and trends of a sustainable career opportunity
Fausto Palumbo Market HR Head - Nestle Group in Italy
Alessandro Marangoni CEO – Althesys Strategic Consultants
Elena Jachia Manager Environmental Sector – Fondazione Cariplo
TBC PricewaterhouseCoopers

16:15 How ICT pursues environmental sustainability
Luis Neves Chairman, Global e-Sustainability Initiative & Vice-President Corporate Responsibility - Deutsche Telecom
17:15 A Nature Photographers Story and Closing remarks