Next Generation Sustainable Cities Conference

Organized on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 May 2012 at Univeristà Bocconi, the 2012 edition of the Green Light for Business Summit aimed to explore and identify the opportunities involved in developing sustainable cities through a multiple-perspective analysis.
The focus was on determining whether the medium-to-long-term benefits offered by sustainable cities outweigh the costs involved. By allowing 250 students and young professionals to interact with leaders from international institutions, businesses, politics and academia, we wanted to stimulate the shift towards a more sustainable future in the urban perspective.

The conference was organized as following:

----Wednesday morning, 16 May 
Sustainable Cities - an upcoming urban revolution
The session aimed to identify and explore profitable business opportunities offered by the development of more sustainable cities, in terms of both extending/creating new cities and converting pre-existing cities.
Opening Speech & Introduction
Michele Polo, Vice Rector - Università Bocconi
Robert Macchi, Chairman - Green Light for Business
Edoardo Croci, Research Director IEFE - Università Bocconi and former Councilor for Mobility and Environment, Municipality of Milan
Sustainable Urban Planning
Focus on the development of master plans for the transformation and creation of sustainable urban centres. The role of environmentally-conscious developers in identifying innovative and revolutionary approaches to reduce the impact of urban centres on the surrounding environment.
Isabella Goldmann, Manager, Goldmann & Partners
Gianluca Di Pasquale, Senior Advisor for Between - Smart Cities project
Pietro Laureano, Advisor, UNESCO and UNCCD
Eugenio Morello, Research Scientist, Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana “Fausto Curti” Speakers challenging eco-building, financing and urban mobility 
The issue of raising funds necessary to finance urban development projects, typically with shortterm costs and long-term gains. Identifying existing and potential profitable opportunities for financial institutions involved in sustainable urban development.
Panel Discussion with Q&A
What are the main challenges in putting sustainable urban development master plans into practice? What is the key to success in transforming or creating green cities nowadays from a financial and construction perspective?

 ----Wednesday afternoon, 16 May 
Opportunities and Challenges in Administering Green Cities
The Sustainable Games - London 2012
Mario Kaiser - Principal Design Advisor, Olimpiadi di Londra 2012
Administering Sustainable Cities
Alberto Bertone - AD,  Acqua Sant'Anna
Pietro Di Maria, Manager, Accenture
Alberto Colorni, Scientific Director, Poliedra, Politecnico di Milano
Evening Workshop: Sustainability in the Luxury Sector
Luana Carcano, MBA Full-Time, Track in Luxury Business Management in partnership with
Bulgari, SDA Bocconi
Libero Zucchelli, Head of Design and Enginnering, Cantieri Vismara
Manolo Cacciatori - Business Advisor, Crossmind Strategies Srl
Carlo Ceppi - Brand Manager Italia, IWC

----Thursday morning, 17 May
Sustainable Urban Lifestyle 
Stefano Pogutz, Director, Master in Green Management, Energy and CSR, Università Bocconi
City of L’Aquila: Smart Ring Project
Carlo Villante, Researcher, ENEA
City of Milan: 2011 Environment and Mobility Referendum
Edoardo Croci, Research Director IEFE - Università Bocconi and former Councilor for Mobility and Environment, Municipality of Milan
Urban Visions: Sustainable Cities and Design
Marisa Galbiati, Full Professor, Politecnico di Milano
Green Awareness
Marco Rinaldi, Ingegneria Senza Frontiere - Milano
Politecnico di Milano: Sustainable Campus
Alessandro Balducci - Vice Rector, Politecnico di Milano
European Union: Rules and finance for sustainable buildings
Sandro Serenari, CEO, Farest
Stefano Zappalà, Partner, Norton Rose
Promoting a culture of sustainability
Marco Frey - Chairman, Global Compact Italian Network
Panel Discussion with Q&A
Closing Speech
Marco Frey, Chairman, Global Compact Italian Network