ESADE Business School - Barcelona: an example of involvement in the sustainability pursuit

While sustainability themes are gaining more consent than ever worldwide, what is turning out to be an emerging phenomenon is the attitude of some schools and universities (especially the private ones) to pursue sustainability for their own structures, trying to make their campuses as greener as possible.
One remarkable example in Europe is ESADE Business School in Barcelona, already widely known for its commitment for Corporate Social Responsibility, which is one of its core missions. ESADE is in fact a  signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, and of PRME - Principles for Responsible Management Education - a global network of universities and business schools committed to integrating social responsibility, ethics and sustainability into education. ESADE also joined the United Nations Higher Education Sustainability Initiative for Rio+20. 
The business school is also active  in making its structures greener: Net Impact ESADE Club (ESADE's CSR-based club) is a network of students with a keen interest on corporate social responsibility with the aim of promoting sustainable business practices within the university and the larger business community.  And a Net Impact regular activity is, among the others, Campus Greening-activities including selling eco-friendly water bottles, promoting the use of water fountains on campus, improving recycling facilities, working towards carbon neutrality on campus, and raising awareness of environmental issues among students and faculty.
ESADE is also involved in the international student network Oikos, an international organisation for sustainable economics and management and a reference point for the promotion of sustainability. Oikos Barcelona is a local chapter of Oikos international and it is established at ESADE and formed by a group of its students.

Costanza Gabbrielli