True story of Las Vegas water games

Fountains, artificial waterfalls and every greatest variety of water’s games give all a great contribution in building the particular charme of the city of Las Vegas. Bellagio Hotel, Caesars Palace and all the luxury hotels Las Vegas is full of could never give up this fascinating resource. A great amount of the city image depends on it.

Paying attention to Las Vegas’ geographic position this could sound a little weird. In fact, Las Vegas was built in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and its own landscape if not the one that people typically call “bucolic” but, instead, it is known for its aridity typical of the Mojave desert. So, if the city’s only water resource is the lake Mead, where does all that water come from?

The answer is not as obvious as it seems. For sure, Las Vegas is a very big city which practices a great, and maybe a little exaggerated, water’s use and due to a federal law, the only amount of water  that the city can take from Lake Mead correspond to 4%. A very strict percentage if compared to all the unnecessary uses of waters the city daily does. Despite of, Las Vegas’ behavior cannot be considered incautious.

Thanks to the amazing efforts made by Patricia Mulroy, the city has started a great system for recycling all the water used. First of all, gardens has been reduced in order to limit irrigation that is very frequent in the city due to the dryness.  Then, and this is the most interesting part, Mrs Mulroy convinced all the luxury hotels of  Las Vegas to invest in water recycling  and reuse systems, in order to re-enter the majority of the water used into Lake Mead. Thanks to the system, the city was able to save greats amounts of energy costs, and significantly reduce the environmental impact.

The project started in 2008 and since then, the games that people can admire in the amazing fountains of Bellagio Hotel has always been made of the same, recycled water. 
Who would have ever thought?                

Silvia Pennazzi Catalani