A Malawi proof of the supreme power of wind

Talking about energies in this period, I want to recommend you this interesting and surpising story I recently found. It's the story of a joung 14 year old boy born in Malawi that discovered a way to use the wind power to enhance his life and the life of his village. We are quite aware how important renewable energies are and the positive impact they can have on our environment, but this guy tells us something more: this is not only an other way of producing energy, this is a resource that, in the most disadvantaged places in the world, can change and save lifes forever. 

This guy demonstrated that it's possible to build a windmill only using materials found in a scrap yard. So my question is: why do not promote internationally their creation and maybe appoint one of the main international institutions to spread the knowlegde of (little) windmills creation during their works on the field in the poorest parts of the world?

Maria Carolina de Vera