What is probably the most convenient form of energy?

When people start talking about energies the first words coming to my mind are power production and pollution. 
The system through which unrenewable and renewable energies are extracted, sold, transported and so on, is very complex, therefore to understand which resources are more convenient, you need to take into account several factors.
But even more important, “it depends on the point of view”. Yes, I know, such statement can be applied to every situation, but what I mean is that the convenience depends on what is the criteria you choose in the analysis process.
But since I am a resident of the world, my biggest concern goes to the environment protection: next generations deserve to have the same natural resources we have now, in fact ecosystems are a heritage for every generation and that’s why they need to be protected. Therefore, my criteria is pollution. 
Nowadays, in a society built on an energy-dependent scheme, fossil fuels seem to be essential if no change is made on how the world deals with its need for energy. Without focusing in the chemical composition of each of them, I know that natural gas is considered the less aggressive one, but why not switching, for exemple, to solar energy?

Natural gas needs to be shipped via pipelines from wells and causes pollution through the emission of greenhouse gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides, whether solar energy is infinite and comes for free. 
More in detail, to generate useful power, a group of solar cells connected together – called solar panels – transforms solar radiation directly to electricity through photovoltaic effect. Moreover, as an individual, I may have an economic incentive by the government according to where I live. For example, if you are American (as you can read in Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiencies) the federal renewable energy tax credit takes 30% off the cost of solar, and state and local programs can remove even more. 
In conclusion, the energy issue is still an important problem. 
It is up to us being more environmental responsible, investing in structures, studies and implementing policies that allow us – as a society - to grow in a green way.
What it takes is governments’ will to invest and promote the use of renewable resources. For Italy there is a positive prospective, in fact, as reported by the WWF, we can arrive to produce 100% of the needed energy with renewable resources before the 2050.

Jona Shehu