Green Project Financing: Investing in a sustainable future

Stefano Gatti (moderator) - Director MBA, SDA Bocconi School of Management;
Franco Hauri - Director, Climate Change Capital Private Equity;
Gianluca Massimi - Senior Structured Finance Officer, Climate Change and Environment Division (NPST), European Investment Bank;
Alessandro Steffanoni - Project Finance, Servizio Finanza d'Impresa Banca popolare Emilia Romagna;
Enrico Zini - Associate, Greentech Capital Advisors.

The conference “Green Project Financing: Investing in a sustainable future” ­focused on green investments to understand how companies obtain funds in order to undertake sustainable projects and how banks finance these firms to manage green investments. In particular, the attention was put on the added value that can be obtained from these investments and on the competitive and strategic advantages of this sector.
 The event took the form of a roundtable, moderated by Professor Stefano Gatti, during which the speakers illustrated the peculiarities of green investments (performance, risk and best practices adopted in the investment process) and analyzed evolutions in the financial sector resulting from the increasing demand for green investments.
The aim was to present and to explain concrete experiences, best practices and the possible approaches to finance green investments to shed the light on the challenges and opportunities at stake. The environmental and social consequences of these projects were considered with a European perspective, with particular attention to the Italian context.