Be a sustainable student

Written by Carlotta Werth

Here's a small guide on the first steps towards starting a smart, green student life.
It's easy. Because being green is a benefit not only for the environment and society, but also for your pocket, and your personal well-being.

Have a look at this 7 suggestions.

1) Take on a minimalist lifestyle
- A hip, inspirational style to decorate your house? Nothing better than zen. Because:
Few objects = More order + Less time in cleaning + Less money spent on decorating + Less useless stuff to throw away = Greater inner peace.
So, buy only what you really need.
- Buy second-hand. It’s cool, unique and cheap.
- Swap wardrobes with your friends for a night out. It's exactly like having new, beautiful clothes, but no problems with overstuffed closets.

2) Re-sell
What you don’t need any more.

3) Shop smart
- Bring your own bags. They’re resistant, ecological and they look much better.
- Buy yourself a fancy soap container and then refill it with the huge packages you find at the supermarket.
- Avoid food with loads of packaging.
- Buy maxi size packages. For instance, if you eat yogurt everyday, simply purchase one maxi size container which will last you for the whole week.
- Stop using disposable items!

4) Walk
- Instead of public transport or cars, use your legs. It improves your body and clears the mind. Taking long walks is a widespread anti-stress pratice. Very useful when studying for exams.
- Use the stairs, not the lift. It takes less time, and you save a lot of energy. Spare the morning queue in front of the lift for when you'll be old and your legs really won't sustain you for those two floors of stairs.

5) Save the forests
- Print double-sided.
- Use recycled paper.
- Go digital (scan, print as few slides and documents as possible).

6) Save water
- When you do the laundry, always wash full loads of clothes.
- Remember to turn off water while you brush your teeth or shampoo your hair.
- Did you know it? You can clean your windows with vinegar. They'll shine as never before.

7) Energy
- Use natural light as long as you can. For example, study close to a window. It also improves your mood.
- Remember to turn off your devices (laptop, tv, mobile) when you know you won't use them for a long period of time.
- Always switch off the lights when you walk off a room.
- Dry your hair in the open air. It'll look fabulous, and be less damaged.
-If you’re cold, put on a sweater. Cool air keeps you awake and concentrated. And it makes you burn more calories.
-If you’re warm, before turning on the air-con, open the windows, and make yourself a glass of fresh water with ice cubes and lemon juice.
-Air your home once a day: keep all windows open for 5 minutes. Temperature and moisture inside the house will be more balanced.
- When cooking, put lids on your pots. Water boils faster, food cooks in a minute and you’ll save a lot of energy.