Sustainable living: there are companies that help us to do it!

 written by Maria Carolina de Vera

Sustainable living is as important as hard to implement in our life. However, we don’t have to do all alone. There are companies that, helped by International Organisations or any NGO that has this as main purpose, could really simply our effort to be more critical citizens. 
Just to give an example, the famous supermarket Auchan that in Italy is pretty known, is changing its way of operating, dealing with energy, water and production of CO2. In addiction to that, it’s trying also to inspire the use of those parts of food that normally are thrown away. There is one book that has been written for this occasion: “Buttiamoli in Pentola”, and it lists 5 recipes of a famous eco-food blogger, Lisa Casali, and 65 recipes of normal people that shared their against-wasting ideas on The book teaches you how to use every single part of ingredients and you’ll find it in each Auchan hypermarkets.  

If you want to know more about Lisa Casali, this is her english-version blog: She also suggests a surprising energy-saving way of cooking: using the dishwasher machine!! 
Here an italian video of her describing the preparation of cuscus with radicchio and beet with the dishwasher:

How much it’s important to reduce waste is nothing new, and it gets more and more important with a world population expected to keep growing in the next decades. It has been said that food production needs a 60-70% increase in the next years, but globally speaking 1/3 of produced food is thrown away still edible. Only by reducing this waste, we could feed 2 billion people. Waste is related to all the steps that take our breakfast or lunch or dinner on our tables. We strongly need to rethink about that and help those companies that are stepping forwards.

An other good example of a company committed to lessen its impact is Sofitel, especially known for its Regina paper rolls. In 2008 they decided to joint WWF Climate Saver group, and recently they hit the mark of reducing CO2 emission production by 11%.
Good job Sofitel!