The strange couple against climate change

written by Chiara Crognoletti 

Barack Obama has defined the recent declarations on climate change a historical agreement between USA and China. In fact, during the last APEC Summit (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) in Beijing, the leaders of the two most polluting countries in the world have finally reached a decision aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting the dramatic consequences of climate change. 
At the moment, scientists insist on the inadequacy of the current policies in maintaining the increase in global temperature within 2°C: further action is required if we want to save the planet from unprecedented transformations that would terribly impact on wildlife and human health.
At the moment, USA and China are producing 45% of global emissions and this is the first time the Chinese government decides to take action against climate change: although it still refuses to be classified as an industrialized country, China is worried about its polluted cities and it will start reducing its emissions by 2030, when sources of clean energy, such as solar and wind power, could provide 20% of the energy demand. On the other side, USA will reduce its emissions by 25-28% by 2025.
The historical agreement between these two opposite blocks is the outcome of nine months of secret negotiations which could pave the way for an effective global action:  the handshake between Barack Obama and Xi Jinping is a message of hope for the next Cop20 in Lima (starting next December) and the conference in Paris in 2015, where an ambitious project against climate change could be finally presented and put in place.