Already developed strategies to fight climate change consequences

Written by Costanza Gabbrielli

It's increasingly common nowadays to hear about companies which are trying to adjust their organisation, structures and production in order to be more sustainable. This is due both to the image of the company itself and to the emerging advantages of green investments. 
But what is of my personal concern is what seems a new and - in my opinion - terrible phenomenon: companies are now studying new remedies and developing techniques to deal with the future expected consequences of climate change. For example, I have recently heard about an architecture studio, Tredje Natur, which is redesigning a Copenhagen neighbourhood to better handle the floods expected as climate change leads to fewer but heavier rainstorms. When heavy rainfall strike Saint Kjeld's quarter, the water will be collected above ground in parks and squares to simultaneously relieve the sewer systems and create new recreational areas around the pools. 
This is all very nice and remarkable, but isn't it shocking that we are already working at remedies and not only at ways of fighting climate change in order to put an end to it? Is climate change really taking over our planet, without any possibility left to stop it? Is there any hope at all that more politicians, industries, lobbies and people in general become finally aware of this and start changing their conducts? 

It seems that we have entered the "adaptation and mitigation" era, where changes on climate are already in place and they will be more and more serious, that serious that we need to reorganize our ways of living. One example among others: our infrastructures.