Expo 2015: an opportunity not to waste

Written By Gabriele Tringali

If you are interested in or you simply love food, health, environment, or energy sectors; there is only one city to be this year: Milan, Italy. From May 1st to October 31st, Milan will be hosting the Expo 2015, the next world trade event. This is an unique event: Expo is a global event aimed at offering countries from all over the world a unique chance to showcase their unique experiences and most important achievements in these specific areas. It will be an incredible trip around the globe, through food, culture, and traditions.
As we all know, Expo Milan 2015 will focus on nutrition and health, renewable energies, and sustainable development offering countries from all the part of the planet the chance to feed this debate by putting on the table their cultures, experiences, innovation, and vision to the Expo, and merge them with others to form a global platform.
International pavilions, along with themed clusters, will be the structure of the artistic idea of the Expo 2015, and population will play a crucial role in this. A special focus will be dedicated to the role of women and  how they contribute to health and nutrition. “WE-Women for Expo” will gather artists, scientists, and activists from the population around four specific area projects: cuisine literature art and business/entrepreneurship.
Start-up companies, would be offered  a concrete chance to prove the innovation they bring and solutions on an international scale, and attract the attention of big players and investors from around the world. If your company aims to develop its business on a global scale or to explore new market opportunities, an area larger than 10 million square feet will surely give the possibility  to travel around the world while standing in one place.
Expo 2015 will be the largest and most important international event that Italy will host in the coming years. It is a golden opportunity to promote our national identity, our talent and passion for healthy life, our natural calling for art and design, and our cutting-edge contribution to science and technology.
Participating in the Expo will create a debate on how we build our future, in terms of sustainable growth, environmental protection, and food security. This topic affects everyone, and requires us to give and share knowledge,  by shaping a common platform where people and ideas have a chance to meet and interact.
Lastly, Expo 2015 will be reliant on smart city infrastructure for management and customer engagement in order to use for the first time new Smart City technologies.
Expo 2015’s technological partners, including Cisco and Telecom Italia, have helped build a smart city infrastructure made up of five distinct but interconnected layers.
Benefits of the smart city aren’t just limited to the exposition itself. Digital islands within Milan city centre are also set to be deployed, offering smart lighting, electric car charging, free Wi-Fi and surveillance capabilities.
An opportunity to make an impact for each and everyone of us.