Waste management at the state level: Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) of Massachusetts Case

Written by Jona Shehu

When arguing about waste management, is it all about individual recycling and reuse? Surely not. Indeed, facing the waste issue at the state or local level, through legislations, may have a strong impact on it.
In particular, we take the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) of Massachusetts (United States) as good example to show how the work of such an agency, leads to positive effects and improvements for the environment protection.

As the Energy and Environmental Affairs website reported, since 1990, the successful TURA (A for Act) program has helped Massachusetts businesses to reduce toxics use by 40% and waste byproducts associated with that use by 71%. These reductions have lowered chemical transportation risk, workplace hazards, and the amount of toxics in manufactured products, and have helped Massachusetts businesses to remain competitive in a global economy.

Given the massive impact, what does this agency do in order to have these results/reach these results?
TURI is an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, established in 1989, when the related Act was approved by the legislature. Its main function consists of providing programs aiming at helping companies and communities to reduce toxics production, through capacity building for technology, general support activities, grants and many more. The programs offered include activities of support to businesses, research in innovative technology, training for employees to become Toxics Use Reduction Planners, and for those companies using toxic cleaning chemicals in their ongoing running the Institute’s Laboratory provides free surface cleaning research and consulting.

The Massachusetts TURI believes the Commonwealth can be a safer and more sustainable place to live and work, therefore it works in order to reach this goal. I do believe the same about the world, what about you? Do you believe taking action can positively change the world and make it better?