“We are living tomorrow “ (nós vivemos o amanhã)

Written by Fei Fei

In his original vision, Sir Tim Berners Lee conceived the Web as "a collaborative medium, a place where we [could] all meet and read and write". In the last 30 years this concept has been evolving towards an increasing interaction between on-line players; the spread of social networks, virtual communities has emphasised the aspect of user-generated content and its sharing. It is incredible how an idea of an individual can be turned in valuable assets through the right channels.  Due to the potential of the web 2.0, which has been connecting people, companies and ideas, we can be part of a social co-creation of products. It means that you create the product as you wish because you are the costumer and you know what you need. 
A notable example of this kind is the No.v.a. (nós vivemos o amanhã) project conducted by Ampla (an energy distribution company in Brazil of Enel group). Their object is to create an innovative prototype of smart house in Niterói (Brazil, see picture) and in order to do this they are collecting ideas from people who can submit their suggestions in their platform.  No.v.a. “is a movement whose main goal is to bring people of all ages together and find innovative solutions to improve our lives. Based on our current problems, expectations and needs, we want to find alternatives for a better future. “

Since the last November more than 1000 people has been contributing to this crowdsourcing and bring 1500 ideas to change the idea of housing by working together. The challenge is to build a more energy efficient and sustainable house.

“Our current homes have a number of problems. They are not smart, they have too many devices and use too much power. Wouldn't it be better if we could change this? Wouldn't it be better if we could bring a wide range of ideas together and produce solutions capable of changing this situation, based on the difficulties we currently face?”.
The house will be designed according users’s ideas and the best of them will be rewarded. If interested you can participate till this June.

The author of the first picture is Os Rupias