Business has to become the custodian of a better society

Written by Costanza Gabbrielli

Listen to these incredibly inspiring words about the exciting role which social enterprises play today by Maxine Bédat, the co-founder of Zady, an e-commerce platform and lifestyle destination for conscious consumers that believe in products with solid construction, the best materials, the lowest environmental footprint, the highest labor standards and timeless style. 
Maxine says, and I couldn't agree more, that "the truly exciting thing about this generation we are part of is that business and doing good in the world are not mutually exclusive, they're really hand in hand, and that's kind of how it should be." 
That's definitely how it should be. In fact, as Deepak Chopra said about what she thinks the value of business school is: "Business education today is even more important, because business has to become the custodian of a better society. We have immense problems right now -social injustice, economic injustice, climate change, war, terrorism- and business is in a position to help."