Sharing, a cheap way to help the environment

Written by Valeria Procoli

The property right has been one of the biggest achievements of our history, but now we can go further. Sharing gives us the chance to have (more or less) everything, without owning it. 

Do you want a cheap alternative to public transports? Do you want all the comforts of a car or a taxi but you cannot afford their costs? Then, car sharing and car-pooling are what you are looking for. Moreover, they are green! On the other hand, if you are a health fanatic you could try bike sharing and finally forget any fear of theft. So hurry up, you can save money and help the environment at the same time!

Car sharing
Okay, it is a car anyway and sharing is not enough to make it green, because it pollutes as any car. That is true. In spite of that, you have to consider that when you buy a car, most of the time it remains parked in your garage. On the contrary, a shared car stays usually parked only a little time before someone takes it. If people preferred to share a car instead of buying it, the number of cars we need would highly decrease. 
Besides, more and more car-sharing companies are now focusing on electric cars only, and their CO2 emissions are certainly lower than those of traditional cars. In this case car sharing is certainly the greenest way to drive.

Don’t worry! Even if you already own a car, you can make a green choice. Maybe, you will not make your car greener, but when you are about to take it alone, you can at least share the route with other people. In this way, you could save money and reduce the CO2 emissions of one car per person. 
It is likely that taxi drivers will not be enthusiastic about the idea, actually many of them denounce that car-pooling steals their job. However, we could say that usually taxis are not green at all, even worse than owning a car. Taxi drivers keep driving all day looking for the next customers, who are usually alone. In addition, when you call for a taxi, the driver will have to come to pick you up, increasing both the cost and CO2 emissions. That is why car-pooling is definitively a better solution. 

Bike sharing
Maybe it is not as comfortable as a car, but it is beyond all doubts the greenest and cheapest way to get anywhere you need, and it helps you to keep fit too. In Milan an annual season tickets costs just 36 euros, while the average price of a bicycle ranges between 120 and 200 euros. This means that about four annual tickets have the same price of your own bike. The difference? I do not want to be pessimistic, but it is highly likely that someone will steal your bicycle within one or two years (if you are lucky). 

Now you know exactly why sharing is better than buying. You know also what to do if you already own a car. What are you waiting for?