Bocconi green footprint. Is our Campus sustainable enough?

Written by Camilla Mariani

Being a Bocconi student is a really good opportunity, especially if you want to spend your university daily life in a green and sustainable Campus.
All the environmental projects and sustainable initiatives undertaken by the University are described in the website, where you can find an entire section named Bocconi green. Let’s take a look.

Environmental energy project
Bocconi has begun a project that will concern the creation of an electricity, heating and cooling plant, aimed at meeting the University’s energy needs for existing buildings and those soon to-be completed.
The advantages of the project can be summarized into three statements:

Containment of consumption (energy savings of around 40%);
Reduction in environmental impact (elimination of pollution at the local level);
Contribution to controlling the rise of groundwater. 

Some time ago the University installed several waste sorting points in each of the Campus buildings to raise awareness of proper waste disposal. Since September 2014 these containers have been enhanced by panels providing all the necessary information for proper separation of recyclables.  This improvement affects both the visibility of collection points and the quality of recoverable waste.

In order to promote the use of reusable water bottles, Bocconi University decided to install two Eco-friendly water machines. They dispense half liters of filtered and chilled water. Bocconi’s Eco-friendly Water Machines could lead  to the elimination of 10.4 tons of CO2 – a figure equal to the emissions released annually to produce, transport and dispose of the 460,000 PET bottles sold each year  in the campus.
It would take 690 trees in the city or 345 trees in the natural environment to absorb the same amount of CO2 in a year.

Bocconi University focuses on sustainable mobility at several levels. One example is that the Bocconi community is encouraged to use bicycles, and bike racks are available. Another one is the Student Housing Program which provides more and more lodgings on campus or within walking distance of classes and services.

Bocconi University develops a strong network between students, professors, companies and staff based on sustainable principles. In the spring of 2013, Bocconi University established a Sustainability Committee with the task of promoting and coordinating university projects on sustainability goals.

Beyond the figures, it is a great satisfaction to take part in such large projects as a student, professor or employee. It allows to be the protagonists of an important change for the society made of small daily actions. The future horizons of Bocconi University are strongly oriented towards a sustainable development of both its community and its structures, and the future will hold several surprises for us.