Newsletter #3

We left you off last month with ice-cold weather hovering over the United States. Today Europe is swept by a heat wave that has unexpectedly brought sun and spring-like temperatures. This is climate change. Yes, climate change causes temperatures on average to rise but it also implies that weather events are becoming overall more frequent.

What’s going on?

Friday strikes

Another wave is also spreading across Europe: a wave of protest has gained momentum since Greta Thunberg’s sharp speech at Davos has inspired thousands of students to join her in her Friday strikes to demand climate action. The movement has reached Milan too, where an important rally is planned for March 15th.

The Green New Deal

February has also experienced an important political development in the United States: Senator Ed Markey and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have presented their plan for a Green New Deal, a parliamentary resolution which calls for a 10-year national mobilization to achieve a net zero-emission economy and sustainable energy sector. The plan also proposes several progressive policies that address inequality and social injustice. Despite the mixed reactions the document received, it certainly did reignite the discussion over environmental sustainability in the US, which will hopefully become a central topic in the 2020 elections.

Green Mobile Award

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona often seen as a stage for large consumer electronic brands like Samsung, LG or Huawei to present their new smartphones and tablets. The actual scope of the event however is way larger, covering almost the entire telecommunication sector. The event organizers now started to direct more attention to sustainability issues through the establishment of the Green Mobile Award "to promote innovative environmentally friendly policies, services, products, solutions and programmes or initiatives that tangibly reduce or offset carbon dioxide (or greenhouse gas) emissions.”

This year’s shortlist included two projects by Huawei; besides recently being under attack by several western governments for spying allegations, the company is investing heavily into green solutions including an initiative to build more efficient communication infrastructure as well as providing solar power to remote villages.
The award winner, the startup GenCell Energy is committed to the same goal presenting their new generation of hydrogen generators that undercut traditional diesel generators in both efficiency and price. Further Telefónica got awarded for powering their European operations with renewable energy, aiming to achieve 100% globally by 2030.

What else we are reading

Inside GL4B

February is traditionally the month of our spring recruiting and this year’s edition was a huge success! We got more application than we currently have members and so these days all areas are caught up in reviewing applications and interviewing candidates so as to welcome our new associates to the association in the following week.
A special thanks goes to the event division, who did a great job in organizing three events last month, after which about a quarter of the applicants listed our events as how they got interested in GL4B
For the upcoming weeks, the events area is working on three more events for the beginning of April while K&R plans to deepen our connection to ex members and companies, potentially setting up a fundraising raising project and Green Campus is collaborating with B.lab on new videos to make students more aware of sustainable behavior, also reaching out to like-minded associations of other universities to organize a project to clean up public parks in the city.
Like always make sure to follow us on our social media channels where we’ll keep you up to date on all the projects and look out for the member photos we took last meeting which are soon being published on our Instagram profile.

Have a nice month and good luck for your exams!

Marta Pinzan & Martin Geyer