4Ocean: one bracelet, one pound less of plastic polluting our oceans

Stating that the humankind is currently unable to manage whichever type of pollution is not surprising. Shocking data demonstrating the negative impact we are having to the world is probably powerless in front of the passiveness that most of us demonstrate when it comes to environmental issues. However, the situation might become astonishing when business comes to play in this “human vs world war”. What if there exists a way to match profits and active sustainability and, let’s overdo it, also remove damages already caused. Will it turn to be interesting for most of us, right?
This is exactly what is doing “4Ocean” as it aims at building “an economy that prevents plastic pollution by giving ocean plastic value”.

Their mission

Founded in 2017, 4Ocean was created by the two surfers Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper. During a trip to Bali, the two friends were stunned by observing the large quantity of plastic polluting the coastline and the sea of the beach. Hence, a revolutionary idea came to mind. Since fishermen were focussing just on fish because of its high demand, which then leads to more money in their pockets, if also plastic could have acquired a value then pollutants would have been removed from the sea. Thus, the idea of creating a product from plastic waste born.
The idea of allocating to pollutants a value seems to be game-changing as more and more people are driven to collect plastic from coastlines. Beyond those stimulated by “green” purposes, now also those individuals directed by money demand can be part of the project that has already removed 4.232.548 pounds of trash (updated to the moment of the drafting of the article) from our beaches.

Each bracelet costs $20 and every month you can purchase the “Month’s bracelet” which varies in colour and aim (e.g. April bracelet was in defence of the Great Barrier Reef, while the previous month was focussing on Dolphins). Moreover, you could also decide to buy clean-up kits to directly contribute to this ecological movement.
4Ocean is the perfect example of business completely in line with a circular economy approach as no waste is actually considered as such; waste, in this case plastic, is viewed as a commodity and totally integrated with the manufacturing process of the bracelets and this is basically the main principle of circular economy. Every year, millions and millions of animals are killed because of ocean pollution. Marine life cannot deal anymore with pollutants as they take a long time to break up and destroy in the meanwhile the environment and its inhabitants. Through 4Ocean, each individual has the opportunity to actively contribute to a change, don’t waste it, as it is the only type of waste which can’t be re-used.