LVMH: a green passion that goes beyond fashion

The Fondation Louis-Vuitton pour la Création in Paris was built to house the contemporary art collection of French luxury goods group LVMH.

LVMH the notorious colossus in the luxury market has a solid history in bringing
about innovations for a more sustainable business.
LVMH earth commitment started in 1992 when a specific Environment
Department was set up in order to coordinate the activities of the Group.
In 2012 the LIFE (LVMH Initiatives for the Environment) program was launched.
The project- which strove for a reduction of the Maisons environmental footprint
by reducing CO2 emissions, improving energy efficiency and paying attention to
the raw materials employed- enabled LVMH to step up the impact and the scope
of its eco-friendly policies.
Last September 2018 LVMH announced its latest commitment with the launch of
the “LIFE Influencers Energy” project.
This new ambitious challenge stems from previously-pursued policies that
encouraged the Group to extend the environmental challenge to the design of its
With a tailored architect training LIFE Influencers Energy will enable LVMH to
carry out its environmental policies at every stage of its real estate construction,
while providing useful insights for the buildings further maintenance.
The program while fostering the use of recycled materials, is mainly focused on
energy consumption effectiveness and light power density reduction for whose
achievement the switch from conventional to LED lights was fundamental.
The tasks proved particularly troublesome if we consider how lightning influences
the customer experience in stores and as such the need to reconcile the strict
illumination requirements of a luxurious environment with a LED technology that
(although powerful) it’s still in its early days.
Notwithstanding technical and fashion-related difficulties LVMH decided to
further responsible and eco-friendly construction policies in all the countries in
which it operates, and it is predicted it will reach the goal of 100% of LED-based
illumination in its shops by the end of 2020.

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