The commitment of Mitsubishi: smart ideas go long

Mitsubishi Electric, part of the Mitsubishi conglomerate that also includes Mitsubishi cars and the Mitsubishi bank, is certainly not an amateur as 2021 will mark the hundredth anniversary of the company.
To celebrate a century of successful business activity, 2021 was chosen by the colossus as the target year for its newest environmental vision; in fact, if the corporation motto “changes for the better” has long been known, Mitsubishi Electric is now striving to step-up its game in order to become an environmentally-sustainable company recognized worldwide.  

What’s special about Mitsubishi?

What sets Mitsubishi’s environmental policies apart from the group is a holistic approach
which, instead of stopping to production-related changes, comprises a set of actions and
technologies that in the company’s vision should ferry us to a new level of social
In order to achieve this comprehensive approach, green training and outdoor conservation
activities are provided to employees all over the world.

The vision

Central to 2021 Mitsubishi’s goals are the reduction of CO2 emission, the creation of the
recycling-based society and biodiversity observance. If CO2 emission is a challenge for
many companies and a war for many countries, it is to be acknowledged that Mitsubishi’s
recycling concern might partly be due to its manufacturing nature: the possibility to recover
raw materials and a zero-waste policy becomes utterly important from the moment the
business is firsthand responsible for the fabrication of its products.
The enterprise is focused on the reduction of greenhouse gasses emission caused by both
its manufacturing processes and the usage of its product, and it has allegedly declared a
CO2 target reduction of 30% from 2011 standards.
To reduce its overall CO2 emission, the group will endeavor to create products with low
greenhouse gasses ejection while simultaneously employing power systems which are as
much as possible CO2 -free.
Although in some life circumstances the end justifies the means, the employment of
nuclear power systems as an alternative energy source has recently raised public
concerns over the organization environmental commitment.
For matters concerning the avoidance of waste-creation from production, the corporation
follows a case-by-case policy in an effort to pursue the most effective strategy for the
particular method of manufacturing implemented.
Furthermore, in line with its intent to give a substantial contribution to the incessant
development of society, Mitsubishi Corporation is actively promoting a variety of initiatives
aimed at creating more sustainable communities in all the geographical areas where it


Chances are that companies, just like most individuals, are not profoundly evil as they are
not wholeheartedly Saints.
It is therefore our call, as critical consumers and thinking human beings, to evaluate them
in the same way as we would evaluate the humanity that surrounds us: solely for its
actions and intentions, in a way to avoid glorification as well as unjust demonization.

Written by Gaia Gallarini

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