Newsletter #6

May has been a true game changer in our fight for a sustainable future

May 24th saw another episode of the Fridays for Future campaign: hundreds of thousands marched around the world to demand climate action following the lead of Greta Thunberg. Organisers said this march had the largest turnover of all.

The European Parliament elections resulted in an incredible growth of the European Green Party, a coalition of environmentally focused parties from across the continent. The group has gained 70 seats in the European Parliament, against the 51 obtained in the previous election, becoming the fourth largest group. The Greens obtained their most prominent success in Germany where they came second, overtaking the Socialist Party, and where more 30% of the under 30 voted for their party
Due to the high fragmentation of the parliament and the loss of the majority by the S&D and EEP, the greens could play a crucial role in determining the agenda of the next Commission. Nonetheless, the result was still disappointing in Eastern and Southern Europe.

Pressure from the business world

Just this morning we got news that in the aftermath of the European election a consortium of 128 companies wrote an open letter to Theresa May, pushing for more ambitious climate change goal including a complete decarbonisation of the economy by 2050. Among them we find names like the British Telecom, Coca Cola and Kingfisher and many calling for immediate changes to be put in place. Theresa may should see it as an opportunity, a successful implementation in her final weeks in charge could redefine her political legacy after stepping down.

It’s not all about CO₂

Being dependent on fossil fuels, airlines are still among the worst polluters in the world of transportation. Nevertheless they can take important steps to protect the environment. Qantas, for example just operated its first “zero-waste” flight handing out food and drinks only in biodegradable materials thus avoiding more than 34 kilograms of waste. By the end of 2021 this should be the standard for all flights operated by Qantas.

What else we are reading

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Inside GL4B

To round off the semester we organized two events at the beginning of the month. The first one was about green nudging in collaboration with B.Bias. We’ll take the chance to present you an article they wrote about it, enjoy!
Further, we collaborated with BUILD on the topic of sustainable architecture and mapped the water dispensers available on campus. You can access the maps by scanning the QR-code over any of the water dispensers in Leoni or Velodromo. We hope you’ll soon be done with exams and have some time to enjoy the warm weather ;)

Marta and Martin