Newsletter #8

Hi everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your exam session. Whether you are taking a 5 minutes break from the bunker or chilling in front of the fireplace at your Grandma' penthouse, don't miss the environmental news of the month.
You will read for the first time our section "Profile of the month", our K&R team interviewed one of our past member who works in the field of sustainability. I will paint you his portrait.

What's going on?

Exxon Mobil goes on trials this month. New York attorney general is suing the company for making its assets appear more secure than they really were, which had an impact on its share price. The oil giant misrepresented how carbon regulations would affect the company's financial outlook.
Back in 2015, Exxon' scientists published research reports measuring prospective additional costs in order to account for future climate change regulations. New York argues that Exxon used two different ways to calculate carbon costs and wasn't clear when it was using one or the other, hence misleading investors.
One focus in the case will be Exxon' investment in the carbon-intensive Canadian oil sands, a project that some investors worried won't make financial sense under tougher climate regulations.

Exxon' lawyer called for a witch hunt and claimed that the case is politically motivated and led by anti-fossil-fuel activists who are trying to hold accountable oil companies for climate change.
Regardless of the outcome, this trial will have a resounding impact. It may ease the path for other cases and marks the beginning of a long journey of litigations for oil companies.

What else we are reading?

The airline company British Airways promised a net zero carbon emission by 2050. (
The follow-up of Jeff Bezos temptatives to please his eco-friendly employees. He is now ordering electric delivery vans (
The major investor Bloackrock in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur foundation has lauched his first circular economy fund. (

Profile of the month

Lorenzo Girardi
Sustainability Analyst at DELOITTE
Former K&R manager
Graduated from CLEAM in 2016

A glimpse into your day-to-day:"extremely diverse activities and settings depending whether you are at the office (working on multiple projects) or at the client's site. Overall a lot of time is being spent on Excel, PPTs and researching public information."

The best decision you made after you left Bocconi:"getting into consulting, it gave me the chance to work on many different sectors and understand what I am most passionate about."

A suggestion for our members looking to enter the work world: "nurture your passions, they will shine through in interviews and might turn into your work."

Inside GL4B

Our members have been on all fronts this month. We assisted to the CSR and social innovation conference (Il Salone della CSR e dell'innovazione sociale) held in Bocconi. It is the most important event dedicated to environmental sustainability in Italy. This edition gathered companies, policy-makers and various actors of the green economy and covered topics linking territory and sustainability.

Don't forget to read our last articles to learn about the innovative NWG Energia and B' corps business model, look into detail the Bocconi sustainability plan, or discuss solutions to fight climate change in 5 major areas: cities, energy, food, planet and population.

Last but not least, come meet us at our next event in collaboration with students for Humanity – Pick up your butt! – on November 6th.

Sophie Béquet