Green Companies To Keep An Eye On

Recently, not a day goes on without some terrifying news about the impacts of climate change on our planet: we are facing floods, fires, snow storms and it all keeps on degenerating in unpredictable ways. 
Luckily, while it looks like half of the population prefers to look away from this huge issue, some very smart minds are working to provide concrete solutions. These solutions have many different forms: awareness campaigns, strikes, conscious changes of consumption patterns and.. new startups! 
In fact, in the world of new, innovative companies “green” startups are getting more and more funding from investment fund. In that, the investment world is sending a very strong signal to next generation startuppers: be innovative, but don’t forget to be responsible. 
The natural consequence of this behavior is that not only existing “green” startups are growing in technology potential and revenues, but also more and more innovators are joining the movement and ideas seem to be developing at a very fast pace. 

In this vast sea of companies, investment funds and innovation, we selected three startups that are trying to re-shape the most polluting industries of our times. Some of them are way into business, others are still work in progress. Yet, all these companies are really worthy of our attention. 

First category? Fashion!
We know how polluting is the fashion industry; most of the guilt is to be attributed to the immense waste of un-recyclable, artificial fabrics that fill landfills, but many other issue surround the problem. Have you ever realized how much plastic is employed for hangers worldwide?
Well, you might have not taught about it, but Norman Hangers have (thankfully!). 
The company aim to turn waste into a valuable resource, and therefore they want to help fashion companies worldwide to displace billions of plastic hangers and replace them with the first zero-waste hanger. 
Their innovative product is totally sustainable, but competitive as well: it’s light, easily recyclable, resistant and customizable. 
Hopefully, we will start seeing this hangers more and more in every shop. 

Second category: transportation. 
For this - yet again very polluting - industry, there is a very cool startup to talk about: Lilium. 
20% of world’s CO2 emissions are caused by transportation and traffic is a major factor decreasing people's’ wellbeing. To solve the traffic congestion issue, these guys imagined creating a Jet, with fully electric engines and zero operating emissions, able to depart from any point in the world and make travels faster, safer and less impacting on the environment. The best part is that they promise to reach any part of the world and to be able to sustain competitive prices compared to taxi rides. Lilium Jets should - literally- land in our cities by 2025, so.. be ready for the green revolution! 

And last, but surely not least.. food. Yet again, food production and consumption are extremely controversial topics: not only the food industry is extremely polluting (8% of total CO2 emissions!), but also unfair and highly wasteful. The startup (now company) that we will present here tried to solve at least the problem related to the last part of the food lifecycle by trying to reduce food waste and to promote a more thoughtful behavior towards food consumption. 
Hopefully you already downloaded the app and used them as much as you can, but if you didn’t, and you don’t know what are we talking about.. here’s the name: Too Good To Go!
Too Good To Go started from the logic that when food goes to waste, also all the resources used to produce that food, water, land, energy and labor, go to waste. So, they created the “magic boxes”: boxes full of delicious leftover food that shops can pack at the end of the day and sell to final consumers. By buying the box, not only you get a lot of great food for a very little price, but you avoid all that food being wasted. Great company, great cause. 

Wait. That was not the last one! Under “generally interesting” category, worth mentioning is the app “Oroeco”. This app helps you tracking your climate footprint and they define themselves “the world’s best carbon footprint calculator”. By downloading it, you can see how every part of your life connects to global warming, from driving and flying to your eating, shopping, and home energy efficiency choices. Moreover, it gives tips and ideas to become more sustainable while also saving money. 

Written by Maria Vittoria Cerboni