Developing Civil and “Green” Responsibility: An Everyday Challenge

What does it mean to be part of a community? Are we completely conscious of the implication of being a citizen? Indeed, most of us have just a limited vision of what this role implies and how important it is for all of us to carry it out seriously. To raise awareness on the pivotal role we play within our society, the Italian newspaper “Corriere Della Sera” organized a whole week dedicated to several initiatives which aim at promoting and innovating the concept of social awareness across citizens. The event will take place from March 5th to March 8th in our city, Milan, and it will be a unique experience to assist in debates, meetings and presentations outlining the various aspects of social and civil responsibility.

Green Light’s Involvement

This event gives the possibility to reflect on the “footprint” that each of us has on the community, in particular, it raises the question: should an active citizen be a duty or a choice? As a matter of fact, Green Light for Business decided to actively take part in the event by supporting the initiative of Giovani Globali, a non-profit organization developed by university students who are trying to provide the means to comprehend the challenges of the 21st century and are aiming at finding innovative solutions, following an analytic and multi prospective mentality. The organization Giovani Globali decided to participate in the event by creating a project that promotes the importance and awareness of sustainable products, showing how each of us can implement sustainability in his/her daily routine. Concretely, the project wants to shed light on all those companies that today are committed to delivering sustainable products/services. Taking part of the competition is very easy since you just have to record a video of yourself promoting any sustainable item of your choice and give reasons for its sustainability or low environmental impact.
The rationale behind the “Global Cash Mob Challenge” is to encourage the use of alternative (and eco-friendly) products, which could be easily replaced in your everyday life.

The benefits of green products

Moreover, through this challenge, we will also support all those companies that today are working hard to supply customers with “green” articles. Why is it important? Because these businesses are the ones which struggle the most with the unfair competition made by reckless companies which set lower prices and sell unsustainable products. Customers are usually unaware of the products that they are buying because of the lack of information which characterizes the market. Hence, when it comes to purchases, many consumers tend to look at the price rather than the quality, underestimating the importance of sustainability and ignoring the fact that in the long-term this will lead to severe consequences. Sustainable products tend to be more expensive because of supply chain implications. Yet, they are better in the long-term as they safeguard our planet from exhaustive exploitation and protect human beings from health-related issues (due to the use of chemicals and other polluted items).  

How you can participate!

So, practically, these are the rules to join the challenge:
  1. Record a short video of yourself explaining in just a few words the importance of your selected item and outlining the importance of its value
  2. Post it on social media using the hashtag #globalcashmobchallenge and #civilweek
  3. Invite and tag some of your friends to do the same
These links can help you to discover all those sustainable enterprises located close to you: and

And for the ones who want to take it to the next step and get further involved within the project you can also attend Giovani Globali’s presentation of their project on the 7th of March at the location ChiamaMilano (Via Laghetto 2 Milan), but don’t forget to reserve your place by sending an email to: