Siare Engineering: an active player during COVID-19 emergency

Siare Engineering is a health service company located in Bologna. It was founded in 1974 and it quickly became a leader in the field of health machinery. Among its range of products, it is specialised in the production of lungs ventilators, which are an essential instrument for patients who are undergoing intensive care. As many of us probably know, Europe is the continent mostly hit by Coronavirus and Italy is the country in the world with most deaths due to the virus. For this reason, everyday intensive care units are fully exploited. This explains why lungs ventilators are so relevant and wanted.

Worldwide there are only four companies supplying lungs ventilators and Siare is the only one located in Italy. For this reason, the company had to make radical changes to its structure and the service provided. Generally, 90% of Siare’s production was exported to foreign markets since the company is the official supplier of the giants General Electric and Philips Siare. But now, due to the emergency that we are all living, the company stopped exporting, addressing its whole manufacture to the Italian market.

The production of lungs ventilators is complex and requires highly specialized machinery and workers. Siare used to produce 40 lungs ventilators per week, but it is now capable of delivering 125 ventilators per week, thanks to the extra-work of each employee. Cooperation is necessary to overcome this critical situation. By simply staying at home we can concretely make the difference, relieving intensive care units of workload. Other big companies might follow the path established by Siare. Indeed, Fiat Chrysler, Ferrari, and Marelli are currently dealing with Siare to find out a way to increment together the production of lungs ventilators. This is crucial to defeating the virus as it outlines how collaboration and social responsibility can unite the entire nations in achieving the same goal.

The need for specialised workers (from nurses at the hospitals to employees at Siare) has become one of the most serious issues at national level abruptly. As we all know, the most basic market’s law is one of the demand and supply. As a consequence, Italian’s national equilibrium has been brutally shocked by a peak in the demand of all those products and services concerning the prevention and the treatment of the virus. This explains why, Siare Engineering decided to almost halve its selling price, from 17’000€ to 9’000€, which is the price needed just to cover production cost. Siare is now facing a 0 profit, but its production has tripled. To increase the number of lungs ventilators within this limited time frame, the company has now opened day and night, meaning that production never stops. Moreover, 25 specialized militaries of the Italian Army have joined Siare’s production chain, providing help in the impressive increment of products.

The effort made by all these workers and the results achieved should make us reflect on the meaning of responsible business. We are witnesses of one of the greatest human tragedy of the century. This tragedy will probably lead to a long-term crisis, which will impact the global economy. Yet, there are companies such as Siare Engineering that are willing to lower their profit to 0 in order to assist their mother-country. These companies are not just simple witnesses; they rolled up their sleeves to become active players. For us, making the big jump from witnesses to active players is not that hard, but it requires an individual’s consciousness-raising. Understanding the strain that all these people are making is the first step to undertake. Second, we have to strictly follow the instructions given by our governments. These days are anything but easy, maybe you are far away from your beloved or you simply feel hopeless. However, when we feel lost it is important to see the picture from a bigger perspective and to refocus ourselves. This situation will end, but in the meanwhile, each of us can, and must, be an active player. #stayathome #iorestoacasa