Cradle to Grave and Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to grave (C2G) is a life cycle for industrial materials based on linearity. It consists in a sequence of phases: it starts from the extraction of raw materials from the natural environment, then it passes through the manufacturing and the use\consumption, to arrive in the end at the disposal of waste, emissions and residual materials. In a nutsheel it is a system of production and consumption that inevitaby transforms resources into waste, without take into account the possibiliy that part of them is recyclable and reusable. 
Cradle to cradle (C2C), instaed is a life cycle for industrial materials based on eco-effectiveness. It consists in a variation of the linear approach that pursues the transformation of products and of the associated material flows in such a way they form a synergetic relationship between economy and ecology. Basically, the waste and emissions are disposed as in the C2G, the difference is in that the residual materials are reinserted in the industrial life cycle to produce another product. In this way the pressure on the natural environment on both extraction of raw materials and pollution\greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. The aim is to make future economic growth compatible with an ecological system. 

Selected garments by DesignTex (picture

Fortunately, more and more companies are switching from C2G to C2C. Here there is the interesting case of Designtex: this company decomposes the mill saved scarps coming from the fashion industry and turns them into felt for strawberry plantations, in the meanwhile the production system is able to purify water. 
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